The Society for Quality for Healthcare in Nigeria is a not for profit organization registered in 2006 for the purpose of promoting and facilitating a culture of quality improvement, excellence and leadership in the most efficient and effective manner in the area of Healthcare.

The society has the following aims and objectives:

  1. To promote the principles and practice of quality improvement and risk management in healthcare
  2. To provider a national voice on quality improvement and risk management initiatives in healthcare
  3. To facilitate opportunities for communication, cooperation, and exchange of ideas and experiences in healthcare quality
  4. To facilitate training and continuing education in healthcare quality
  5. To establish and maintain a support network for those actively involved in healthcare quality improvement and risk management
  6. To promote professional ethics as they relate to practice of healthcare quality improvement and risk management
  7. To develop and foster alliance with related national and international bodies
  8. To organize seminars, workshops, lectures, publish journals, newsletters and other periodicals, as its contribution towards educating healthcare practitioners and the general public on the practice of quality healthcare
  9. To exchange ideas and knowledge freely between and amongst members
  10. To establish, visit or hire any centre or use any means of social communication in furtherance of its aims
  11. To organize and operate mediums exclusively for the sustenance of healthcare quality which operations shall be charitable and humanitarian.  Its activities shall not be conducted in a manner beneficial only to its members neither shall it engage in any activity geared towards making profit from it’s members
  12. To engage in any other activities as may be necessary to further the attainment of the objects for which it is established