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What is High Blood Pressure?


Hypertension or High blood pressure refers to high blood pressure in the arteries; Arteries are blood vessels carry blood from the pumping heart to all organs and tissues. Hypertension and pre-hypertension both damage our blood vessels. This increases the danger of failure of the kidney, stroke and

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How Much Should I Walk to Lose Weight? – Helpful Information

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If you have decided to take the walking exercises to lose weight, the question that may be playing on your mind is “How much should I walk to lose weight?” Well, no wonder, walking is the most inexpensive, simplest, and easiest exercise you can ever take to

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Does Your Desk Job Hurt Your Back?


Sitting at a desk for a large part of the day, answering telephones and fixating upon computer screens can become overwhelmingly tiring on the body. A decent chair and correctly positioned work -station can moderately help to stave off back, neck or shoulder pain. I must reiterate

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