I am very  grateful to you all. I learned a lot and virtue has been added to me. I am and will always be an advocate of quality in patients’ safety in all hospitals I come across in my life. I am very happy and appreciate all the organizers of this program. God bless you.

Ati-makpah Victoria Mrs.


Dear SQHN, The CIQPS course was very insightful. It broadened my knowledge as regards healthcare quality and patient safety. I will appreciate if I can be getting updates on available courses as I am working on having a career in quality management.
Best regards

Nwanneka Igbokwe


I must commend the entire program coordinators for putting the CIQPS course together. At completion of the 3 months course, i have become a better quality champion and i have been able to apply most of what i learned  in my day to day function as a quality improvement manager in my facility.  Most impactful take home message was this; ‘most reasons for failure to meet patient expectations are related to deficiencies in systems and processes rather than the employee, and small changes can make big differences.”
With this always in mind, the quality team has developed a different approach to ensuring quality improvement of our services in this facility.
Thanks immensely  for the opportunity to be part of this program.
Kind regards,

Nwanneka Igbokwe


The CIQPS Course is a very good course for anyone who is self-interested in quality and patient safety in health care. The course may appear innocuous at the beginning but eventually turns out to be something that one has to pay careful attention to. The period of 3 months is just enough to enable the participants settle in, appreciate their projects and then go on to execute them.
The course is recommended for everyone who understands that good health care requires some irreducible standards of quality and patient safety.”

Reuben Nkado


Quality healthcare is so important. We have formed a committee at my work place to ensure quality healthcare is achieved. Thank you.



This course was very informative and interesting,instructors were extremely professional and pleasant to learn from. Dr. Olawumi Oluborode is an excellent instructor, she did her best to make the material and the training environment interesting. I am very glad that i attended the training and completed the project, i feel i have a good foundation to build on as a quality improvement officer and i would recommend this course to anyone who has interest in quality improvement in healthcare .



  1. Following the completion of the Webinar sessions, I was able to learn how to collect data, analyze and present data in a graphical method for easy interpretation.
  2. I was able to carry out a quality improvement program in my hospital on the utilization of the WHO safety checklist as a safety tool for surgical patients. This was presented as part of the requirement for completion of the training leading to improvement in the utilization of the WHO safety check list in the theatre today
  3. Based on this training, I have confidence in carrying out QIP on observations in my unit and have recently completed a QIP on the operation of the steam autoclave in my hospital CSSD.
  4. The training also gave me an opportunity to register with the SQHN and I now have access to training notifications and other health related information.
  5. I feel more motivated to improve my self further on quality health care after my training by the SQHN.
  6. I am better informed on the need to ensure patients’ safety and maintain high quality in health care services.



I wish to seize this opportunity to appreciate the organizers of this training and to encourage them to continue to impart this important knowledge to members of the health profession to bring about the much desired change in attitude of health workers towards the safety of our patients.

Queeneth Jumbo A.


The CIQPS is of valuable importance especially in our present day healthcare settings, as desired healthcare outcomes are of outermost importance. This is what the CIQPS as offered to me.
We just carried out Quality Care Assessment at my workplace, and the experience from the programme, gave me an head start, knowing the importance of quality measurement in establishing patient/customer satisfaction and delight, healthcare outcomes, and eventually costs. It is a programme, all quality inclined men and women, especially healthcare providers should partake in.

Dr Charles Babajide Onigbogi, MD


Thank you for your consistent effort towards improving healthcare in Nigeria.

I have participated in the CIQPS and Advanced course on Quality improvement tools trainings and I must say I found both exposures enlightening and worthwhile. I love the practical approach of the CIQPS most especially as it helped me put what I learnt into practice almost immediately. The knowledge I gathered from both programs have laid a foundation for efficient and effective implementation of new and existing Quality Improvement initiatives and strategies in my hospital facility.

Keep up the GOOD WORK, SQHN!


Akwuaka Vivian