How Much Should I Walk to Lose Weight? – Helpful Information

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If you have decided to take the walking exercises to lose weight, the question that may be playing on your mind is “How much should I walk to lose weight?” Well, no wonder, walking is the most inexpensive, simplest, and easiest exercise you can ever take to lose weight but do not forget that walking has always been a part of our daily activities and because of this, we really do not have any idea on how much walking to do to shed pounds.

There is no exact answer to the question “How much should I walk to lose weight?” However, fitness experts recommend that for losing weight, it is necessary to increase your walking activities as well as your background activities. To do this, instead of driving your car, you could just walk to near places. This way will also help your body burn more calories throughout the day without having to participate in any health club or fitness center.

Have you been asking the question “How much should I walk to lose weight”? If so, you have to be aware that the amount of calories your body burns by walking is dependent on your body weight and how far you walk. In general, if you walk briskly for 30 minutes, it is possible to burn up to 320 calories. If you want to shed pounds, three times a week for 30-minute brisk walking could greatly help you lose at least 2 kilos or 1 pound in one month. If you do this together with a sensible diet, achieving weight loss is easy. Certain studies and research prove that walking regularly positively alters the body’s fat metabolism.

How will you know if you have already increased your background activity and still, how much should I walk to lose weight? One good idea to measure your current background activity is through a pedometer or a step counter. A pedometer can also be used in setting realistic goals and measuring the amount of calories burned, all of which can help you support your goals of losing weight.

The answer to the question “How much should I walk to lose weight” actually depends on how many pounds your really want to shed. Definitely, if you really want to shed those extra pounds, you need to make your body burn more calories. Follow the tips below:

1. Do brisk walking within the talk test zone. Do this as you swing your arms simultaneously with pressure in such a way that you can still control.

2. Use a pedometer or a step counter to find out how long you have been walking, how far, and the number of steps you’ve made.

3. You may want to lose weight but make sure your heart rate stays within the target zone.

4. Carry a back pack or add some extra weight to put more strain; however, always check if you still have the correct posture. You should also make sure that there’s extra pressure on your hips.

5. Allow your body to burn more calories by doing race walking.

6. Get yourself a partner to join you in your walking workout for extra motivation and persuasion. .

How much should I walk to lose weight? Follow the tips above and you will never have to ask this question again.

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