Membership Categories


Membership to the SQHN is open to individuals, organizations and customers with interest in or involvement in quality improvement and risk management in healthcare. Membership is categorised as follows:

Standard Individual Membership

Membership will be available to those persons who are involved in or have an interest in quality improvement/risk management in healthcare. Such members shall be entitled to all membership privileges, including the right to hold office, vote, receive a copy of any of SQHN publications, and represent SQHN on external bodies and committees.

Associate Individual Membership

Full time Undergraduate and Postgraduate students shall be eligible for associate membership at a discount agreed by Executive Board for full membership fees. Such members shall not be entitled to membership privileges, but may attend the society’s meetings and other activities.

Individual Life Membership

Life membership shall be conferred upon those members of SQHN who have been members for upward of 10 years and who, in the opinion of the council of SQHN have rendered distinguished services to SQHN. Life members shall have the right to all privileges of individual members, on payment of a prescribed fee.

Honorary Individual Membership

Honorary Membership shall be conferred on individuals who, in the opinion of the Council of SQHN, have rendered outstanding service to SQHN and/or to the cause of quality improvement in healthcare. Such members shall not be entitled to hold office or vote at SQHN meetings

Organizational Membership

Organizations with a commitment to quality improvement and risk management in healthcare will have the opportunity to demonstrate that resolution by applying for organizational membership. Such organizations, and members whose membership are by virtue of such organization, shall be eligible to one vote at meetings of SQHN through their nominated representative; shall be entitled to nominate an employee to be given one discounted registration at SQHN conferences; shall receive two copies of any SQHN publications; shall receive the other benefits of membership of SQHN.

Organizational membership can be either
1)    Hospitals
2)    Corporate Organization
3)    Non Governmental Organizations